Hochschulnetzwerk Bildung durch Verantwortung
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Workshop Series on Service Learning

Our university network organized a workshop series with the following topics: Civic engagement at universities – examples for good practice in urban development (with guests from Responsible Research and Innovation RRI Hub of RWTH Aachen as well as from the project RegioTransform of the university Bayreuth), Engagement with and through digitalization (guests from the organisation Balu & Du and Corona Schools) as well as Civic engagement at changing/evolving universities. Another workshop is planned on the 3rd of September (tools to implement Service Learning). In the past we had up to 80 participants who took part in discussions and came up with new ideas to improve and implement SL, also in times of Covid-19.

Country: Germany

Year: 2019-2020

Institution: Hochschulnetzwerk Bildung durch Verantwortung

# of students: 100

Interaction with beneficiaries: Virtual

Academic Degree: Undergraduate | Master

Discipline(s): Open to different disciplines

Community Service Area & ODS: Quality Education | Reducing inequalities | Sustainable cities and communities

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