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Transformative Communication & Cultural Efficacy Festival

This Service-Learning activity is part of the course “Communication towards equality”, 4th year of the BA Advertising and Public Relations at the Jaume I University, Castellón, Spain.

The main goal is to strengthen social awareness, ethics, and critical thinking in future media professionals through their engagement in the process of developing with a social partner an action on Communication for Social Change. Students work in a group as an agency to prepare a Service-Learning campaign for a real organisation.

At the end of the semester they present the campaign to the organization and the rest of the class at the EFIC Festival (final course event organised collaboratively among the students and with participatory evaluation of a jury of professors and members of the invited organizations + peer evaluation.

This year (2019/2020) the main partners have been the Castellón Townhall (several groups of students have developed a campaign for Valencian language inclusion) and the sexual diversity network Lambda (several groups have worked on a short-film to overcome HIV stigma).

More information in: Gámez Fuentes, MJ., Nos Aldás, E. & A. Farné (2015): “Communication towards Equality in the European Higher Education Area: Building Capacities for Social Change with Spanish Undergraduates”, The International Journal of Learning in higher education, 3 (22): 33-44.

Country: Spain

Year:  2019-2020

Institution: Universitat Jaume I

# of students: 45

Interaction with beneficiaries: Mixed

Academic Degree: Undergraduate

Discipline(s): Communication | Education | Social Justice

Community Service Area & ODS: Gender equality | Cultural diversity | Peace, justice and strong institutions

Festival EFIC

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