The Implications of American Service Learning to Korean Higher Education



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31 3 287-305


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Recently, many service learning advocates criticizing American higher education require its change. In this study, higher education service learning advocates’ criticism of their higher education and the process of service learning’s growth were reviewed. And tension around the nature or orientation of service learning was studied focusing higher education curriculum improvement. Based on the findings, implications which American service learning give to our korean higher education were discussed like the next three aspects. First. their criticism on higher education and their assertion that service learning can be a mean of higher education curriculum improvement have a certain usefulness to korean higher education. Second, tension around service learning makes it difficult to understand the nature or orientation of service learning to suggest that further discussions about its nature or orientation are needed. Third, considering the problem of korean young people’s unemployment we need to pay attention to the historic meaning of service learning because service learning has some connections to our future labor.


service learning; curriculum improvement; higher education

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