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Taking care of the Other. Taking care of me | Cuidar do Outro. Cuidar de Mim

COVID-19 needs to be addressed

Development of materials that can be used by the Psychologist of Residential Establishments for Elderly People for the relief of symptoms of Grief, Anxiety, Depression and Burnouts shown by formal caregivers during the pandemic.

Brief description

This project consists in the development of psychological intervention materials aimed at formal caregivers of Residential Establishments for Elderly People who, due to the pandemic situation, are assumed to be highly demanding contexts for these professionals. Assuming the risk (already identified in the context of academic works registered in other UC’s of the Master’s in Psychology – Specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology) of developing symptoms that fit into Grief, Anxiety, Depression and Burnout by these professionals, we estimate that is necessary the development of materials that can be used by the Psychologist of the selected ERPI contributes to the relief of symptoms shown by these formal caregivers.

Country: Portugal

Year: 2020-2021

Institution: Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Person in charge: Vânia de Sousa Lima

Email: vlima@ucp.pt

# of students: 37

Interaction with beneficiaries: It was not possible to interact with final beneficiaries, only with the representatives of the institutions

Academic Degree: Master

Discipline(s): Psychology

Community Service Area & ODS: Good health and well-being

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