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A mobile application for working on university service learning: usability, adequacy and perceptions of usefulness

Santágueda, M., LLopis, M. Á. & Esteve, F. M

Revista Electrónica de Tecnología Educativa

Volume Issue Pages DOI / ISBN / ISSN
78 22-37 https://doi.org/10.21556/edutec.2021.78.2231


Language Country
English Spain


In the current context, we not only need to train digitally competent students, but to develop civic and citizenship skills. One methodology for this is Service Learning (SL),. Mobile devices can enable the design of SL activities that take advantage of digital capabilities. However, experiences are still scarce. In the present research, a mobile application for SL is presented, with which students and teachers are in constant interaction, where feedback is constant and learning is reciprocal. In this article, and based on a DBR methodology, we evaluated technological usability, pedagogical usability and satisfaction. For this purpose, teachers and 11 students of the Education degrees, used and evaluated the application using the usability test and conducting several interviews. According to the results obtained, the application works correctly and meets the four levels of usability. However, both students and teachers detected elements for improvement, especially in design. The application presented allows further progress towards eSL, taking advantage of the possibilities of hybrid technologies and scenarios.


mobile application; validation;
pedagogical usability; service-learning; preservice teachers

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