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This Bottom-up Service-Learning project was designed by a LUMSA Economics and Marketing student who wanted to help a small cafè inside Villa Borghese Park, in Rome, to restructure its offer by creating eco-sustainable pic-nic boxes. The project was also born in order to valorize the Villa Borghese park in Rome, as a meeting place for young people and a place to take care of its green spaces. With this objective the student involved Green Atlas, a Roman association under 25, which is engaged in the requalification of parks in the city. They started a collaboration, interrupted during the health emergency but they are now restarting their activities according to the social distancing laws. For the moment they have opened an Instagram page where they post pictures inviting young people to spend time in nature without their mobiles while enjoying a sustainable pic-nic. We can consider Sunday Together as both Direct and Indirect Service-Learning project. Direct related to the cafè, Indirect related to the park requalification. Is also an E-Service-Learning Hybrid type III because both, the service and the learning components are partially online and partially in presence.
The project lasted 50 hours and included motivation, diagnosis, design, service activities, reflection, evaluation, and celebration.

Country: Italy

Year: 2019-2020

Institution: LUMSA University of Rome

Person in Charge: Irene Culcasi

Email: ire.culcasi@gmail.com

# of students: 1

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face-to-face

Academic Degree: Undergraduate

Discipline(s): Economics | Business | Communication

Community Service Area & ODS: Climate action | Sustainable cities and communities | Responsible consumption and production

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