Studying with Disabilities – The Case of University of Zagreb

Markovina, Jerko; Miškulin, Martina; Vrabac, Katarina

Koçi, Aida (eds)

Volume Issue Pages DOI / ISBN / ISSN
159-165 ISBN: 978-608-4700-04-3


Language Country
Croatian Croatia


University of Zagreb, which enrolls over 65000 students annually, has only about 200 students with disabilities.3 Most of them attend Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences that has 48 and Faculty of Economics with 21 students with disabilities.4 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb is the most accessible to this population of students. It has access ramps, elevators and other aids suited to the needs of students with disabilities. There is also a special working room that is adapted for blind and visually impaired persons as well as for students with mobility problems. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is home to many associations whose goals are to facilitate adaptation of persons with disabilities from early life, education and future employment. The Office for students with disabilities of the University of Zagreb helps students get direct help in solving specific problems that may arise during their studies, and as such is the mechanism of ensuring equal opportunities.


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