SLIHE Service-learning in higher education–fostering the third mission of universities and civic engagement of students

Programme Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education


Slihe porject aims to foster the third mission of universities and civic engagement of students through the implementation of an innovative service learning strategy in the Central and Eastern European region. The role of higher education institutions in the developement of communities and regions, in addressing local and socio-economic problems and their active contribution to the developement of civil society is all more acceptable and needed. To take up this role and to promote civic engagement and social responsibility for emplyees and students, is not easy for a traditional higher education institution such as a center of science, research and education.

The SLIHE project envisions a strategy for service-learning, thanks to which universities fulfill their third mission and prepare a new generation of experts.

The project builds partnerships between the sectors and develops cooperation between the universities and public and non-governmental organizations in the region.

The project builds on the needs of an international dimension – to motivate students to civic engagement and enable teachers to support the social role of higher education institutions (HEIs).

Project objectives:

  • To strengthen the capacities of HEIs related to the fulfilment of their third mission
  • To enhance civic engagement of students through implementation of service-learning
  • To improve the quality and relevance of study offered in the field of implementation of service-learning strategy in higher education
Project results:
  • Teacher training about service-learning and handbook for trainers
  • Handbook for teachers
  • Recommendations for the implementation of service-learning in higher education and examples of good practices
  • International conference September 2020

Project contributions SDGS’s:

  • GOAL 4: Quality Education
  • GOAL 10: Reducing inequalities
  • GOAL 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

Project partners

  • Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica , Slovakia
  • Universitatea Babes Bolyai , Romania
  • Univerzita Palackeho , Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • Sveuciliste u Rijeci , Filozofsky Fakultet u Rijeci , Croatia
  • Universitaet fuer Weiterbildung Krems , Austria
  • Katholische Universitat Eichstatt Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Center for the Development of Learning Service in Latin America, Argentina (associated partner)
  • International Association “Open Interactive School” Non profit organization, Bosnia and Herzegovina (associated partner)

Contact person: Alžbeta Brozmanová Gregorová


Project start date: 01/09/2017

Project finishing date: 30/09/2020

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