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“Sleep and Covid-19: Let’s our drams back” is a Research-Based Extreme E-Service-Learning project that started during the Covid-19 emergency by a group of 5 psychology students of LUMSA University in Rome. They decided to create a Survey to evaluate the psychological consequences of Covid-19. Analyzing the data they found that the majority of people had sleep disorders. They started a collaboration with ASSIREM – a non-profit scientific association that promotes sleep education – making short videos to help people manage their sleep. They also involved BIOPILLS – a blog dedicated to scientific research topics – to spread information about this sleeping.

Their learning objectives were: putting psychometric knowledge into practice (SPSS software); learning how to interact with institutions. Their services objectives were: evaluate the psychological consequences of Covid-19; raise awareness of sleep disorders resulting from Covid-19; spread solutions to this problem. The project lasted 50 hours and included: motivation activities, diagnosis, planning, service activities, reflection, evaluation, and celebration.

Country: Italy

Year: 2019- 2020

Institution: LUMSA University of Rome

Person in Charge: Irene Culcasi

Email: ire.culcasi@gmail.com

# of students: 5

Interaction with beneficiaries: Virtual

Academic Degree: Undergraduate

Discipline(s): Psychology | Statistics | Theology

Community Service Area & ODS: Good health and well-being | Sustainable cities and communities

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