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Shared Value | Valor Partilhado

The discipline of Social Administration is a subject of the degree course in Social Work and is structured on the basis of Relational Social Work. Relational Goods are goods whose value is the encounter and human relationship, built as a shared presence. Thinking about the economy as a source of identity and the construction of relational goods, students are challenged to get to know a Social and Solidarity Economy Organization, in a real context.

The academic exercise consists of carrying out a participated Organizational Diagnosis and designing a Strategic Plan for sustainability, choosing an axis of affirmative and participatory action, in collaborative work between students and association leaders. The collection works are carried out remotely (with support on the zoom platform, interviews and consultation of documentation provided by the OESS). Practical assignments are performed and presented in class, in successive moments (due to the pandemic context).

Support Social and Solidarity Economy Organizations in the elaboration of the Organizational Diagnosis and Strategic Plan, collectively constructed (UCP students with members of the organization and associates).

Headed to:
Social and Solidarity Economy Organizations

Performed by:
3rd year students of the Degree in Social Work

Faculty of Human Sciences at UCP Lisbon; CLIP; ARAL; A-PAR; PER 11; WIZER SMILE

Country: Portugal

Year: 2020-2021

Institution: Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Email: adoroftei@ucp.pt

# of students: 15

Interaction with beneficiaries: Mixed

Academic Degree: Undergraduate

Discipline(s): Social Service

Community Service Area & ODS: Reducing inequalities | Partnership for the goals

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