Health care

“La marxa dels tòpics” – Childhood and Health

The students participates in the development of an interactive exhibition aimed at 4th grade students from secondary son prevention of drug addiction (alcohol, tobacco and pills) and prevention of HIV and sexual health.

Empower to Protect

This project, in addition to developing skills in students, aims to promote health literature in the community.

Fostering physical activity for teenage girls

Third-year bachelor’s degree students in sports management organized physical practices for schoolgirls to raise students’ awareness of this issue of girls’ sports participation.

Learn to learn with homework

Reflection on how girls and boys who start in the classroom learn more.

Plataforma per la LLengua

S-L Experience with Plataforma per la Llengua (Balearic Islands)

Plataforma per la Llengua (Pro-language Platform), the Catalan language NGO, is a well-established organisation in the Catalan-speaking territory that works to promote the Catalan language as a social cohesion tool

Lumsa University of Rome

“FENIX: Socio-economic reintegration of minors and young adults in conflict with the law.”

To provide personal and professional tools and to foster the socioeconomic reintegration of minors and young adults in conflict with the law and subject to restrictive measures of freedom


“HOPE project – build your future: personal and professional development for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors”

Aimed at young foreigners from 14 to 18 years old designed to promote their social and cultural integration and to provide them with personal and professional tools suitable for a more effective integration into the world of work

Volunteers helpin elderly people

Service-Learning and Social Interventions – engaging in meaningful activities with senior residents

Due to COVID-19 senior residents of nursing homes in Croatia were isolated for months and were lacking diverse activities and social interaction with people outside the nursing homes.

COVID prevention

Train to Protect

Since May 12, 2020, several training sessions have been held on COVID-19 preventive measures, via videoconference. The first took place for professionals in Residential Structures for the Elderly.

Special Smiles

Special Smiles

Students of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Dental Medicine (MIMD) will promote Oral Health to residents with special needs and their formal and informal caregivers.


Train to Save

To train students for civic intervention, as health promoters, preventing disease and building a healthy society, where raising these experiences is also educating for citizenship with repercussions for social cohesion.

Community Nutrition Intervention Targeted at Vulnerable Children and Youth

Develop an intervention within the scope of Community Nutrition with vulnerable children and young people with a view to raising awareness about the acquisition of healthy eating habits.

Good Practices

Sharing Managers [Gestores da Partilha]

Pastoral of Higher Education will be able to reinforce its identity, develop online and offline strategies for dissemination and approach to students from the various Higher Education Institutions in Viseu.

Promoting SL at the University of Deusto, Spain through Social Participation and Values (SPV)

Carrying out tasks mainly based on providing educational support and leisure activities for persons in a situation of or at risk of social exclusion

Aspace Bikaia Filma


To promote the inclusion of disability in the world of artistic creation and to sensitize students about the reality of cerebral palsy

Psycologic help


SL Network that promotes Innovation and Knowledge Transfer between professors, researchers, and university students

Educating for sustainable development goals

to raise awareness among young adolescents and university students about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Hands of student assembling molecular model according to directions on laptop screen


Students prepare workshops on Physics and Responsible Consumption aimed at people with functional disabilities or at risk of social exclusion. We work with 7 different entities, the objectives of the service being different in each case.


Prácticas curriculares del Grado en Trabajo Social.

During external internships, Social Work students at the University of La Rioja make contact with social reality through the activities carried out in the different centers where they carry out their internships.

San Rafael

Product design and 3D-printing in Health Sciences: an S-L experience in Pediatric Physiotherapy

To design technological solutions in health through a collaborative and user-centred approach in order to generate social impact, thinking about the direct relationship between students and functional diversity children.

Family conference

Familly conference in Olomouc region

The goal is to support other institutions of social work to organize the family conference.


Social worker at school

To promote the profession of social workers at schools. They cooperate with one school, where they try to monitor social problems among pupils and try to identify where social workers could be helpful as school staff.

Solidarity Classes

Solidarity Classes

“The idea is that with very little we can do a lot”.
Solidarity classes consider that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Manifesto of 10 Positive Attitudes

Manifesto of 10 Positive Attitudes: an e-Service-Learning project

Manifesto of 10 Positive Attitudes to raise awareness among young people about bullying and cyberbullying in order to prevent it. It is an interdisciplinary project.

“Parlane con me” (Let’s talk about it): an e-Service-Learning project

Their service was an Advocacy Service-Learning activity aimed at raising awareness about issues of public interest.

Escola Inclusiva

IPVC- Inclusive School-Service Learning

IPVC Inclusive School project – This project aims at fostering the co-construction of in-service learning and volunteering projects to address community problems by offering alternative solutions.

Scolas inclusivas

Digital educational resources for learning language, reading and maths during COVID-19.

Creating educational material for primary school children in the area of Reading and Mathematics in order to offer direct teaching to compensate, as far as possible, for the lack of schooling caused by COVID-19.


Practical Research with cooperating Schools – Service Learning in a Viennese school

To try out and get to know many new tools and methods under the special conditions of “involuntary” and distance teaching without exception in all subjects.

Psychological training

Psychological Counselling ”Poradnya”

To improve the mental health of the population by providing psychological assistance to young people and adults through practical psychology and protection of spiritual, mental and social health.

Volunteering@WU - Lernen macht Schule

Volunteering@WU – Lernen macht Schule

The “Volunteering@WU – Lernen macht Schule” program initiated by WU, Caritas Wien, and REWE International AG supports socially disadvantaged young people with their education while at the same time encouraging university students to volunteer and take social responsibility.

Creating an Asset-map for Veterans of the Joint Forces Operation in Ukraine

Students develop their knowledge of organizations of the social sphere, especially working with combatants, developed skills of research and communication and found a lack of organizations providing social services


Educating with You (EducamosContigo)

Post COVID: EducamosContigo is an interuniversity and inter-optional Learning-Service program that offers psychoeducational, school and digital literacy accompaniment online to families and students in situations of educational and social vulnerability at all pre-university educational levels.

Home for children and youth without parental care - a public institution

Service-Learning at “Home for children and youth without parental care”

Post COVID: Public Home for children and youth without parental care. During the last 12 months after COVID restrictions we tried to maintain the contact between the students and the children online, but this has not substituted in any way the in-person experience.


The “SApS ODS?” project for Global Justice aims to move from “Education for Global Citizenship” to a global justice paradigm that is considered more holistic, comprehensive and transformative.

Ludoteca Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Development and evaluation of a Service-Learning project for vulnerable children

Study on service-learning experiences carried out at the Complutense University of Madrid. In this study it was found that the use of Service-Learning methodology was very limited

Physiotherapy for children with rare diseases

To sensitize students to the true needs of families of children with rare diseases, beyond the necessary but insufficient focus on the child’s disease.

University College London students

Community Engaged Learning Service

A consultancy at UCL that aims to enable the development of more Community Engaged Learning opportunities into teaching. Students and community partners have been at the centre of the service, co-designing its offering, processes and resources.

Virtual workshop

Workshop Series on Service Learning

Workshop series Civic engagement at universities – examples for good practice in urban development , Engagement with and through digitalization as well as Civic engagement at changing/evolving universities.

International Students Limerick Inside Out

Limerick Inside Out: Environment and Well-Being

To enhance the students’ experience of being in Ireland by working closely with local civic groups.It incorporates activities designed to foster student awareness and understanding of environmental concerns and social innovation.



“I’m like you” born from a group of 3 psychology students who decided to face the cyberbullying problem. They had opened an Instagram page “Io come te” (I’m like you) to raise awareness on this issue, felt even more urgent because, during the pandemic, social media were the only way to have relationships with others.

Father Heart Engaged Learning Festival

Inclusive educational event that offers an opportunity for all people to come together on an equal platform to share, learn or extend skills, knowledge, and expertise leading to sustainable livelihoods.


Learning Service Responsibility

The project is determined by inclusion – The students get to know new fields and gain experience in areas (outside of school) with which they have not yet had any contact.

VUB Social Entrepreneurship Chair

The main objective of this chair is to bring together both academia and business, NGO’s and public organizations in search of sustainable business models of social entrepreneurship.

Quality Control

Test reviewing as service-learning

Service-learning project for providing independent reports on the quality of the tests available at the Psychology Test Library of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona while teaching psychometrics at undergraduate level.

Service Learning in the Initial Training of Education Professionals

Training of Education Professionals and Doctorate in Education, both include a subject with the principles of “Education for Sustainability”.

Community Service Learning in Teacher Education

All aspiring teachers fulfill community service learning during their educational bachelor program in a subject called ‘Identity In Diversity’. They follow this course during each year of the three-year program.

Los arrecifes de coral

The main objective of the experience the design of a project following a “food chain” structure in which every participant was able to learn something and teach to other people


University students took charge of doing an exhaustive research on mobile apps which may serve to develop and record a nature itinerary, as well as other apps aimed at plants and animals’ identification.

Proyecto Norte Joven

The students should create an idea of how to carry the message they have to their target audience and also how to make it more attractive to them.