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The metaphor of butterflies travelling in conveying beauty is the driving force of Biobeauty which aims to convey the culture of beauty, the stimulus to curiosity into constructive social interaction, concrete actions in solidarity with the local communities.

Learn to learn with homework

Reflection on how girls and boys who start in the classroom learn more.

social economy

Shared Value

Support Social and Solidarity Economy Organizations in the elaboration of the Organizational Diagnosis and Strategic Plan, collectively constructed with members of the organization and associates.

Aspace Bikaia Filma


To promote the inclusion of disability in the world of artistic creation and to sensitize students about the reality of cerebral palsy

Educating for sustainable development goals

to raise awareness among young adolescents and university students about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Prácticas curriculares del Grado en Trabajo Social.

During external internships, Social Work students at the University of La Rioja make contact with social reality through the activities carried out in the different centers where they carry out their internships.

Photo fo volunteers

Volunteering Centre at UPOL University

They are helping with managing volunteering organization, connecting them with students and university saff, creating inner documentation for propagation, inner management

Gli-Stagisti Logo

“Gli Stagisti”: an e-Service-Learning project

Instagram page called “Gli Stagisti”, in order to help young people to better orient themselves and take advantage of all the opportunities available in the job market


Self-Identity & Intercultural/intergenerational Learning

As loneliness amongst student populations and older adults is well-documented, this module aims to address this issue, by bringing the groups together in a structured, academic and yet informal, way.


Humanistic Leadership

Service-Learning projects within the academic approach used to raise awareness on the responsibilities future managers have to their communities.

Escola Inclusiva

IPVC- Inclusive School-Service Learning

IPVC Inclusive School project – This project aims at fostering the co-construction of in-service learning and volunteering projects to address community problems by offering alternative solutions.

Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning

Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning

The interdisciplinary and international service-learning experience include 25 students from 10 countries, 6 Universities and 13 different Master programs.

Creating an Asset-map for Veterans of the Joint Forces Operation in Ukraine

Students develop their knowledge of organizations of the social sphere, especially working with combatants, developed skills of research and communication and found a lack of organizations providing social services


Educating with You (EducamosContigo)

Post COVID: EducamosContigo is an interuniversity and inter-optional Learning-Service program that offers psychoeducational, school and digital literacy accompaniment online to families and students in situations of educational and social vulnerability at all pre-university educational levels.

Teamwork at university

Reason and Engage

Reason and Engage is an elective course for students from 3rd bachelor onwards. Students from different study programs are stimulated to reflect on urgent social challenges.

Earthquake Tirana

Social Services in times of crisis

Responding to the community needs in times of the natural disaster, after the 6.4 earthquake in Albania in November 2019.Temporary accommodation, tents, social, psychological and edutainment services were offered to the affected families.

The Circular Economy Challenge

VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship – The Circular Economy Challenge

The VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship, together with its partners, wanted to stimulate the creativity of students, entrepreneurs, and employees to develop innovative solutions for the circular economy.

VUB Social Entrepreneurship Chair

The main objective of this chair is to bring together both academia and business, NGO’s and public organizations in search of sustainable business models of social entrepreneurship.

Federación Injucam Consulting Project

Promotes social inclusion of marginalized children by developing comprehensive and stable socio-educational projects permanently adapted to emerging needs.

An ethical perspective of the company: Social Economy

The students collect from the companies they work with, the information to prepare a diagnosis of their economic-financial situation. Improvement of current financial plan and possible strategies for your future development.

Foto en Carifood

Strategy definition for Caritas labor insertion companies

The project consisted in developing the business strategy of 3 different labor insertion companies (Taller99, Asiscar, Carifood) belonging to the NGO Cáritas. Taller 99 is dedicated to manufacturing leather goods (bags, wallets …) and making clothes, Asiscar works in the transport sector, doing removals and transporting goods, and Carifood focuses in the catering industry.

Students helping in the community

Students & Community-Based Participatory (Evaluation) Research

Students are organised in small research teams, focused on various aspects of the planned participatory evaluation research.

UNIAKTIV Centre for societal learning and civic responsibility

UNIAKTIV tests different forms of Campus-Community-Partnerships such as Community-based Research, Design-Thinking-Variants and Social-Entrepreneurship-approaches.