Learn to learn with homework

Reflection on how girls and boys who start in the classroom learn more.


InVuCaR – Intervene in Vulnerability to Empower in Network

To support the families of the diocese to take care of their weakest members, namely the chronically ill and the very elderly, providing or facilitating access to various types of support.

Solidarity Classes

Solidarity Classes

“The idea is that with very little we can do a lot”.
Solidarity classes consider that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.


Learning through the Assumption of Social Responsibility: Social Inequality, Poverty and Housing

The aim is to combine the approach of community-based research with the approach of service learning. The students worked together in three project teams and developed research and service ideas for community partners.

Volunteering@WU - Lernen macht Schule

Volunteering@WU – Lernen macht Schule

The “Volunteering@WU – Lernen macht Schule” program initiated by WU, Caritas Wien, and REWE International AG supports socially disadvantaged young people with their education while at the same time encouraging university students to volunteer and take social responsibility.

Service Learning in the Initial Training of Education Professionals

Training of Education Professionals and Doctorate in Education, both include a subject with the principles of “Education for Sustainability”.

Lonelyness Solutions for elder people

Working as a group, and trying to help Elder people to fight against the problem of lonelyness has been more satisfying than we ever expected.

Service-Learning in Schools with Poor Readers Primary Children

the student carries out the tasks of a teacher with a specialization in teaching and evaluating literacy in public schools with great needs for specialists in this area to attend to the diversity of children they shelter.

Game for the Planet

Our aim was to point out the dimension of interconnectedness and context in the given topics and to reflect on how each of us has an impact on others and also on the environment.

Learning from the Lives of Others

Learning from the Lives of Others is a first year course which requires the students to maintain a weekly commitment as a volunteer at a partner charity, and to integrate reflective learning from their experiences as part of assessment.

Learning through the Assumption of Social Responsibility: Social Inequality, Poverty and Housing

Housing, as a fundamental human need, enables participation in social life, but in many major cities affordable housing is becoming an increasingly scare resource.

Law and Voluntary Work

During the first half of the semester students have classes with relevant people related to the Social Justice field and during the second, they complete a number of hours of voluntary work within an institution.

The Neighbourhood as a Learning Community

To explore and enhance collaboration opportunities with work field organisations in the neighbourhoods surrounding the new campus through community-based learnin

Community Service and Community Engagement in Higher Education

To develop ways of education in which students from various disciplines by working together with community partners contribute to local social issues in neighborhoods.

Hands with money

Domestic Economy Course for Vulnerable Families

For the students to desing the contents and material to work, to help vulnerable families to better manage the resources with which they have.

Centro de Aprendizagem e Intervenção na Comunidade (Pilot- Project)

Contribute to the pedagogic innovation and the civic participation of Higher Education Students, integrating in the academic curricula learning experiences through University-Community Partnerships,