student with special needs

SL and Psychology of Disability: a link experienced with the Third Sector in Extremadura from the University

We are professionals in the Psychology of Disability and that commitment must be a constant ethics in any professional and personal path from the very beginning of university training in the Degree of Psychology.

Plataforma per la LLengua

S-L Experience with Plataforma per la Llengua (Balearic Islands)

Plataforma per la Llengua (Pro-language Platform), the Catalan language NGO, is a well-established organisation in the Catalan-speaking territory that works to promote the Catalan language as a social cohesion tool

Promoting SL at the University of Deusto, Spain through Social Participation and Values (SPV)

Carrying out tasks mainly based on providing educational support and leisure activities for persons in a situation of or at risk of social exclusion

Italy-U.S. Mediated Exchange Project

This S-L experience is a hybrid example, joining international, domestic and virtual service-learning.


Self-Identity & Intercultural/intergenerational Learning

As loneliness amongst student populations and older adults is well-documented, this module aims to address this issue, by bringing the groups together in a structured, academic and yet informal, way.

Students running

Inclusive Education, Social Justice and Sport

Vulnerable people will be helped through inclusive and social education, fair and equal treatment and healthy and respectful habits through sport.

Cultural Diversity

Proxecto PEINAS (Pedagoxía Intercultural e Aprendizaxe-Servizo)

Students of the university course “Intercultural Pedagogy” manage chanels of different social media where they share news, reflections and facts concerning to interculturality, prompting also the audience to come.


Learning through the Assumption of Social Responsibility: Social Inequality, Poverty and Housing

The aim is to combine the approach of community-based research with the approach of service learning. The students worked together in three project teams and developed research and service ideas for community partners.

Journalism and Citizenship: a Practical Introduction

Post COVID: “Journalism and Citizenship, a Practical Introduction” wants students to reflect on the importance of (hyper)local journalism for the local (Brussels) community.

Festival EFIC

Transformative Communication and Cultural Efficacy Festival

To strengthen social awareness, ethics, and critical thinking in future media professionals through their engagement in the process of developing with a social partner an action on Communication for Social Change.

International Students Limerick Inside Out

Limerick Inside Out: Environment and Well-Being

To enhance the students’ experience of being in Ireland by working closely with local civic groups.It incorporates activities designed to foster student awareness and understanding of environmental concerns and social innovation.

Successful Entrepreneur woman

Success cases of entrepreneurial refugee women

To collect and present in an attractive way successful stories of refugee women which had set up small business in Spain.

Logo Uned

Against Trafficking and other Human Rights Abuses in prostitution contexts

The Project aims is to cover the social need to improve efficiency in the use of public resources, as well as to complete the training of students of the UNED (National Distance Education University)

Community Service Learning in Teacher Education

All aspiring teachers fulfill community service learning during their educational bachelor program in a subject called ‘Identity In Diversity’. They follow this course during each year of the three-year program.

Effects of service-learning on migrant people and elderly in Melilla by PETE students

Learning with Older Adults through Intergenerational Service Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education

Service-Learning for Democratic Culture

Language acquisition and led to the development of EUFICCS (European use of full-immersion: culture, content and service) that was born as a European project and subsequently adopted as a teaching methodology.

Service-learning for democratic culture

Stemming from this service-learning has become a privileged tool not only for the acquisition of language and culture but more extensively for the development of a culture of democracy based on RFCDC.

Sociology and Service-Learning

Authentic, positive, meaningful learning moments benefiting partners and students. Addressing complex problems in complex settings rather than simplified problems in isolation.

Hands On Learning in the Local Community: a Hyperlocal Journalism Experiment

Students are invited to get to know societal partners in the environment of their institution and produce stories that are relevant for the community which surrounds them.

Service Learning in the Course: “Didactical Planning, Analysis, Teaching, Evaluation of Learning Situations”

The curricular learning goal is, that students learn about didactical planning instruments and theories.

The Neighbourhood as a Learning Community

To explore and enhance collaboration opportunities with work field organisations in the neighbourhoods surrounding the new campus through community-based learnin

Community Service and Community Engagement in Higher Education

To develop ways of education in which students from various disciplines by working together with community partners contribute to local social issues in neighborhoods.

Girl teaching her grandfather how to use a laptop

Self-Identity and Intergenerational Learning

We aim to help reduce loneliness among students and older adults, and to improve intercultural and intergenerational communication.

Limerick Inside out

Limerick Inside out: Intercultural competence for global citizenship

The aim of the service-learning experience to enhance the international students’ experience of being in Ireland by working closely with civic groups in addressing the needs of refugees and asylum seekers who have moved to the Limerick area.