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Service-Learning in Schools with Poor Readers Primary Children

The Service-Learning (S-L) program that we present here is born at the University of Deusto, in its Faculty of Psychology and Education, in the subject of Learning Difficulties of the Education Degree.

This S-L program requires the student to carry out the tasks of a teacher with a specialization in teaching and evaluating literacy in public schools with great needs for specialists in this area to attend to the diversity of children they shelter.

Taking into account the role that students assume in this S-L program, we expect, as in previous studies (Keen & Keen, 2002), positive effects on the attitudes towards civic commitment of S-L students compared to students of the same degree that have not gone through this experience.

Country: Spain

Year: 2017

Institution: University of Deusto

Person in charge: Edurne Goicoechea


# of students: 36

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face-to-face

Academic Degree: Undergraduate

Discipline(s): Education | Psychology | Languages and Literature

Community Service Area & ODS: Quality education  | No poverty

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