Rural Service Learning MOOC

Rural Service Learning MOOC. Rural 3.0

This course is for university teachers and community organizations to share and learn about rural service-learning.

This MOOC is developed by the Rural 3.0 consortium ( of 16 partners from 8 EU countries, where Higher Education Institutions and rural community organisations are equally represented.

It is based on the need assessment from 8 countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Croatia and Lithuania) and training materials developed by academic teachers and community organizations from these countries.

It is divided into 8 main units.

  • Unit 1: Smart and sustainable rural development
  • Unit 2: Rationale for rural service-learning
  • Unit 3: Key characteristics of rural service-learning
  • Unit 4: Good practice from diverse study fields
  • Unit 5: Course design options & Guidelines for community partners
  • Unit 6: Student assessment design
  • Unit 7: Create your own rural SL course, collaborate and share
  • Final self-assessment

Access to Rural Service Learning MOOC

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