Revista Iberoamericana de Aprendizaje-Servicio, RIDAS

RIDAS Extraordinary number: Service-Learning Experiences in Times of Pandemic

Publication: December 2020

Deadline for submission of experiences: September 30th on the magazine platform

Indications for the submission of experiences:

  • Maximum length should be of about 4.000 words
  • The original work should be delivered in Catalan, Spanish or English Language.
  • Each work should be original and unpublished and should not be a pending publication in other journals.
  • The layout of research papers should be as follows: title, key words, abstract, body (containing introduction, theoretical framework, description of the experience and conclusions) and bibliographical references.
  • Bibliographical references should be added using APA format.
  • Footnotes should only be used to provide details, examples and comments on certain important aspects related to the body content. Bibliographical references mentioned in the body paragraphs are excluded from the footnotes.
  • Graphics, charts and pictures should be included in their corresponding place in the body paragraphs with number and reference.

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