Research Report

Research Report 2020


In EOSLHE we identified that there was an urgent need to bring together existing experiences and review the literature in the field.

There is a widespread and growing concern regarding the social commitment of higher education institutions. S-L is gaining recognition as an innovative methodology that responds to such a challenge. Besides disseminating information on S-L, EOSLHE also draws on extant data to carry out research on the main characteristics of S-L in Europe.

The Research Report is organized into three main sections:

1) Background of the Observatory and the Research Report

2) Analysis of S-L in European higher education institutions

3) Inquiry into scientific literature on S-L in higher education

The main results of this research have shown that Europe has its own idiosyncrasies regarding S-L. European higher education is playing an active role in this increasingly global phenomenon. Society demands social responsibility and civic commitment from tertiary education institutions, and S-L not only meets this requirement but also strengthens teaching and research.

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