A call for one post-doctoral research grant (BIPD) is open for the project “CApS – Catholic University and Service Learning: Innovation and Social Responsibility”.

Centro de Investigação para o Desenvolvimento Humano, of Faculdade de Educação e Psicologia da Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Duration of the scholarship (s): The scholarship scheduled to start on the 9th of november of 2020 will have an initial duration of 9 months and can be renewed for two additional periods of 12 months

The project aims to contribute to the promotion of Service Learning (SL) in higher education institutions in Portugal, stimulating pedagogical innovation and social responsibility. SL experiences will be developed in the four campi of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Braga, Lisboa, Porto and Viseu), towards institutionalization in the end of the three years. SL experiences will be operationalized in three modalities: modality I – curricular units and extracurricular activities; modality II – transversal and interdisciplinary curricular units; and modality III – international and interdisciplinary SL experience. To this end, diverse teacher training activities will be promoted for the development of SL experiences, involving an increasing number of teachers, students and entities throughout the project. There will be events of celebration and public recognition in the communities involved in SL experiences, as well as the creation of a National SL Award. The whole CApS project will count with the support of international experts, as consultants, advisors and external evaluators. CApS impact and efficacy will be scientifically evaluated producing a body of knowledge to improve further actions. Results will be disseminated nationally and internationally. The final phase of the project will extend the skills and knowledge gathered on SL to strengthen SL in other universities outside UCP and also the Portuguese SL network, widening the scope of the project and promoting innovation and social responsibility in higher education institutions.

Application deadline and form of submission: Applications will be accepted from the 05.10.2010 to 18.10.2020.

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