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Psychological Counselling ‘’Poradnya’’

COVID-19 needs to be addressed

After the outbreak of the pandemic in Ukraine, UCU was one of the first Ukrainian universities to respond swiftly to the threat. The transition to online learning was realized within a few days. There were prerequisites for this. Considering the rapid spread of COVID-19 worldwide, it became clear that quarantine in schools and educational institutions was inevitable. Therefore, upon its announcement, the education process at UCU did not stop, but gradually changed to another format.

Pandemic and quarantine increased the need for psychological support for students and university members. Psychological Counselling ”Poradnya” became an excellent opportunity for students of all specialties to improve (for free) their mental health and to function better inside and outside the university. Psychology programs students have the chance to try themselves for the first time as consultants. They have all the needed support and help from teachers.

Country: Ukraine

Year: 2020-2021

Institution: Ukrainian Catholic University

# of students: 20

Person in charge: Yuliia Kokoiachuk

Email: kokoiachuk@ucu.edu.ua

Interaction with beneficiaries: Mixed

Academic Degree: Undergraduate | Master

Discipline(s): Psychology

Community Service Area & ODS:  Quality Education | Good health and well-being | Peace, justice and strong institutions

Brief description

Psychological Counseling ”Poradnya” provides counseling, psycho-correctional, group and individual psychotherapy.

The activities include the following main areas:
• psychological counseling and support;
• group work in different psychological areas;
• training work;
• correctional work;
• protection of adult mental health.

The goal of the SL project
There is a goal to improve the mental health of the population.
The main purpose is to provide psychological assistance to young people and adults through practical psychology and protection of spiritual, mental and social health.

The activity of the center is provided by the researchers of the department who have psychological and psychotherapeutic education and students-psychologists.

The partner organization
Department of Psychology and Psychotherapy of UCU, Psychoneurological dispensary, Ukrainian Psychotherapeutic University

Learning objectives
The purpose of training is to gain practical experience of psychological work with people

340 consultations were held, 20 consultants, 119 clients were involved, 11 supervisions

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