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Escuelas San José of Valencia offers a wide range of possibilities, on account of its facilities and the diversity of students, which allow proposing learning experiences for students within different ages and knowledge to build an education based on our slogan “educate for the common home”.


Share learnings between students with different abilities by creating a climate of respect and coexistence that allows developing spaces and times of practical life knowledge.



  1. Special education students with learning difficulties can understand on an experiential basis the magnitudes of: WEIGHT and MASS.
  2. Strengthen numerical knowledge and major/minor concepts.
  3. Initiate students in the tutoring and accompaniment processes for second-year students of Higher Level Vocational Training of the specialty of Electrotechnical and Automated Systems.
  4. Learn to design practical activities that can be carried out in small teams: (1 Vocational Training student together with 2 Special Education students).


1st session. – Introduce the activity to Vocational Training students and design and plan activities and necessary material.

2nd session. – Introduce the activity to Special Education students in their classrooms (Raising expectations).

3rd session. – Introduction and creation of work teams with Vocational Training students and Special Education students in the Special Education classrooms.

4th session. – Visit the Laboratory of Electrical Machines where each Vocational Training student shows their Special Education classmates where the activities will take place and the videos and machines of our Stratosphere Globus projects (Learning in the clouds) and Sunflower (Robot Challenge).

5th session. – Carry out practical weight and mass experiments in the Laboratory of Electrical Machines.

6th session. – Students evaluation of the experience and proposals for new activities.

Country: Spain

Year: 2018-2019

Institution: Escuelas San José Instituto Politécnico

Person in charge: Tono Benet Marzal


# of students: 20

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face-to-face

Academic Degree: Higher Vocational Training Certificate (HNC)

Discipline(s): Education | Engineering and Technology  | Physics

Community Service Area & ODS: Peace, justice and strong institutions  | Quality education | Reducing inequalities

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