Los pilares para la educación superior del futuro: Responsabilidad social, calidad académica y servicio-aprendizaje (S-A)

Salazar Antequera, Ramiro

Revista de Difusión cultural y científica de la Universidad La Salle en Bolivia

Volume Issue Pages DOI / ISBN / ISSN
11 11 155-179


Language Country
Spanish Bolivia


Education, and especially higher education, are subject, in these times, to a profound revision. It is in this “diffuse” context of demands and postmodern gestures where and where they are configuring tentative answers to them, one of them is the Service-Learning (AS). Between the demands that must be assumed as challenges and become pillars of the higher education of the future are the university social responsibility and academic quality, the question is how to build them? Steps of this essay in three decisive moments are structured in line with the answer to this question: one on the challenges that the UNESCO proposes and that follows to the report Delors, the second is an analysis of the social responsibility of universities and ends exposing a proposal for genuine education reform based on Service-Learning (S-L).


University Social Responsibility; Academic Quality; Service-Learning; Higher Education

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