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IPVC- Inclusive School-Service Learning (Escola Inclusiva IPVC-ApS)

IPVC Inclusive School project – This project aims at fostering the co-construction of in-service learning and volunteering projects to address community problems by offering alternative solutions. The participation of students in collaborative learning context projects, which responds to concrete needs embedded in the curricula, allows, in addition to the acquisition of technical skills, the development of personal, social and critical skills centered on analysis and ethical decision-making. The positive social impact of the project has been acknowledged and the project was awarded by two national entities within the scope of Social Responsibility (GRACE and Santander). Since 2013, 82 social projects were developed with 32 social institutions and more than 500 students and professors. The project is now being developed for upscaling and an application to an Erasmus program with the direct involvement of the community was prepared.

• Service Learning within several courses – we use S-L as an approach to learning, specifically within stages or fieldwork. Currently students are participating in the project Rural 3.0 (an Erasmus+ project) which is based on Service Learning approach and allows students to collaborate with rural community associations, debating, learning, transferring knowledge and creating a community that work together social problems.

We offered in 2020 a Curricular Unit on Service-Learning (Rural 3.0 project Erasmus+ designed for students from all the Study Cycles, as an option to have the opportunity to be involved in communitarian projects and to obtain extra credits.

IPVC is involved in another Erasmus + project “BeyondScale” ( to reinforce the S-L management model and to interact with local social partners.



Country: Portugal

Year: 2019-2020

Institution: Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo

# of students: 98

Interaction with beneficiaries: Mixed

Academic Degree: Undergraduate | Master | Escola Inclusiva

Discipline(s): Engineering and technology | Computer Science | Design | Environment | Food Safety |Gerontology | Rural development

Community Service Area & ODS: Quality education | Partnership for the goals | Reducing inequalities

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