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InVuCaR – Intervene in Vulnerability to Empower in Network | Intervir na Vulnerabilidade para Capacitar em Rede

Clinical Teaching 10 (EC10) of the Nursing Graduation Course at the School of Nursing – Porto (EE) of the Health Sciences Institute of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), inserted in the last year of the Graduation Degree, has communities as a preferential target audience, in a situation of greater vulnerability. The intervention with this population is chosen based on the partnerships of action / projects of the Catholic Nursing Center (CEC), an extension service of the EE.

Cáritas Diocesana do Porto (CDP) provides various types of support to families in situations of greater vulnerability caused by social or health difficulties. Through the “+ Saúde na Família” [+Health on Family] project, the CDP intends to support the families of the diocese to take care of their weakest members, namely the chronically ill and the very elderly, providing or facilitating access to various types of support.

The CDP, as well as the UCP, share the Christian vision of caring for others as well as an alignment of mission and values.
Based on the project to support the most vulnerable, EE actively collaborates with the partner CDP promoting an intervention in the structured community and supported by scientific knowledge, integrating the component of teaching, research and advice (social responsibility).

In collaboration with the CDP, EE’s work focuses on identifying and training family/household/caregivers in health-related situations.

Country: Portugal

Year: 2020-2021

Institution: Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Person in charge: João Neves Amado

Email: jamado@ucp.pt

# of students: 9

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face-to-face

Academic Degree: Unsdergraduate

Discipline(s): Medicine and Health

Community Service Area & ODS: No poverty | Good health and well-being | Reducing inequalities

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