Empower to Protect

This project, in addition to developing skills in students, aims to promote health literature in the community.

Plataforma per la LLengua

S-L Experience with Plataforma per la Llengua (Balearic Islands)

Plataforma per la Llengua (Pro-language Platform), the Catalan language NGO, is a well-established organisation in the Catalan-speaking territory that works to promote the Catalan language as a social cohesion tool


Why don’t we talk about eating disorders (DCAs)?

A group of students of Communication Sciences, Marketing and Digital Media wanted to respond to the social problem of eating disorders in young people.

COVID prevention

Train to Protect

Since May 12, 2020, several training sessions have been held on COVID-19 preventive measures, via videoconference. The first took place for professionals in Residential Structures for the Elderly.

Educating for sustainable development goals

to raise awareness among young adolescents and university students about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Photo fo volunteers

Volunteering Centre at UPOL University

They are helping with managing volunteering organization, connecting them with students and university saff, creating inner documentation for propagation, inner management

Italy-U.S. Mediated Exchange Project

This S-L experience is a hybrid example, joining international, domestic and virtual service-learning.

Solidarity Classes

Solidarity Classes

“The idea is that with very little we can do a lot”.
Solidarity classes consider that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Manifesto of 10 Positive Attitudes

Manifesto of 10 Positive Attitudes: an e-Service-Learning project

Manifesto of 10 Positive Attitudes to raise awareness among young people about bullying and cyberbullying in order to prevent it. It is an interdisciplinary project.

“Parlane con me” (Let’s talk about it): an e-Service-Learning project

Their service was an Advocacy Service-Learning activity aimed at raising awareness about issues of public interest.

Gli-Stagisti Logo

“Gli Stagisti”: an e-Service-Learning project

Instagram page called “Gli Stagisti”, in order to help young people to better orient themselves and take advantage of all the opportunities available in the job market

Ears to the Soul Logo

Ears to the Soul

The service aim of this programme was to help people overcome the feeling of social isolation, maintain social contacts with other people and share their feelings.


Self-Identity & Intercultural/intergenerational Learning

As loneliness amongst student populations and older adults is well-documented, this module aims to address this issue, by bringing the groups together in a structured, academic and yet informal, way.

Hands shaking

Impact of COVID-19 on coping, social cohesion, and civic engagement

Community partner needed information on the impact of COVID-19 on individuals’ and communities’ experiences of coping, social cohesion, and civic engagement.


Practical Research with cooperating Schools – Service Learning in a Viennese school

To try out and get to know many new tools and methods under the special conditions of “involuntary” and distance teaching without exception in all subjects.

Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning

Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning

The interdisciplinary and international service-learning experience include 25 students from 10 countries, 6 Universities and 13 different Master programs.

Cultural Diversity

Proxecto PEINAS (Pedagoxía Intercultural e Aprendizaxe-Servizo)

Students of the university course “Intercultural Pedagogy” manage chanels of different social media where they share news, reflections and facts concerning to interculturality, prompting also the audience to come.

University Complutense of Madrid

Learning by educating: Virtual service-learning experience of oral health promotion

The project aims to promote oral health in people with disabilities. The methodology combines service learning with inter-professional education, through the collaborative work of dentistry students.

Criminology in the Real World

One of our projects entails working with the local probation service to research how online support and supervision can be provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.

e-MAD Logp

E-MAD: Improving Digital Literacy through Learning-Service and E-Mentoring

Training proposal funded by Medialab, at the University of Granada, whose intention is to improve the use of technologies and digital media to promote the development of digital skills that assist in the search for employment and incorporation into the knowledge society of those citizens who are at social risk.


Educating with You (EducamosContigo)

Post COVID: EducamosContigo is an interuniversity and inter-optional Learning-Service program that offers psychoeducational, school and digital literacy accompaniment online to families and students in situations of educational and social vulnerability at all pre-university educational levels.

Journalism and Citizenship: a Practical Introduction

Post COVID: “Journalism and Citizenship, a Practical Introduction” wants students to reflect on the importance of (hyper)local journalism for the local (Brussels) community.

Virtual workshop

Workshop Series on Service Learning

Workshop series Civic engagement at universities – examples for good practice in urban development , Engagement with and through digitalization as well as Civic engagement at changing/evolving universities.

Successful Entrepreneur woman

Success cases of entrepreneurial refugee women

To collect and present in an attractive way successful stories of refugee women which had set up small business in Spain.


Evaluate the psychological consequences of Covid-19; raise awareness of sleep disorders resulting from Covid-19; spread solutions to this problem.



“I’m like you” born from a group of 3 psychology students who decided to face the cyberbullying problem. They had opened an Instagram page “Io come te” (I’m like you) to raise awareness on this issue, felt even more urgent because, during the pandemic, social media were the only way to have relationships with others.

Logo Uned

Against Trafficking and other Human Rights Abuses in prostitution contexts

The Project aims is to cover the social need to improve efficiency in the use of public resources, as well as to complete the training of students of the UNED (National Distance Education University)

Lonelyness Solutions for elder people

Working as a group, and trying to help Elder people to fight against the problem of lonelyness has been more satisfying than we ever expected.