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Environmental Law Clinic

The Environmental Law Clinic implement international service-learning projects through its Clinical Legal Education, a global movement for social justice that involves students and teachers from all over the world.

student with special needs

SL and Psychology of Disability: a link experienced with the Third Sector in Extremadura from the University

We are professionals in the Psychology of Disability and that commitment must be a constant ethics in any professional and personal path from the very beginning of university training in the Degree of Psychology.

Learn to learn with homework

Reflection on how girls and boys who start in the classroom learn more.

Senior couple enjoying the lake


The student in charge, will develop a summary of the Final Degree works, which have addressed the theme of the lifestyle, activities and public space of seniors in the city of Madrid.

The service-learning experience in the bioclimatic design of public spaces in Madrid

Students achieve a first professional approach to urban planning, while interacting with the different agents involved in a townin all phases of the project.

Elderly people dancing

Friendly senior living in cities, Madrid case study

We have worked with a focus on the elderly to think about new forms of social and care community life as weel as to design safe and atractive urban itineraries.

Lumsa University of Rome

Campaign to promote psychological well-being

Focus on psychological wellbeing and related stigma, lack of awareness about the benefits of a psychological pathway, and limited financial incentives to access such services.

Lumsa University of Rome

“FENIX: Socio-economic reintegration of minors and young adults in conflict with the law.”

To provide personal and professional tools and to foster the socioeconomic reintegration of minors and young adults in conflict with the law and subject to restrictive measures of freedom

Volunteers helpin elderly people

Service-Learning and Social Interventions – engaging in meaningful activities with senior residents

Due to COVID-19 senior residents of nursing homes in Croatia were isolated for months and were lacking diverse activities and social interaction with people outside the nursing homes.

Special Smiles

Special Smiles

Students of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Dental Medicine (MIMD) will promote Oral Health to residents with special needs and their formal and informal caregivers.


Train to Save

To train students for civic intervention, as health promoters, preventing disease and building a healthy society, where raising these experiences is also educating for citizenship with repercussions for social cohesion.

social economy

Shared Value

Support Social and Solidarity Economy Organizations in the elaboration of the Organizational Diagnosis and Strategic Plan, collectively constructed with members of the organization and associates.

Good Practices

Sharing Managers [Gestores da Partilha]

Pastoral of Higher Education will be able to reinforce its identity, develop online and offline strategies for dissemination and approach to students from the various Higher Education Institutions in Viseu.

Promoting SL at the University of Deusto, Spain through Social Participation and Values (SPV)

Carrying out tasks mainly based on providing educational support and leisure activities for persons in a situation of or at risk of social exclusion

Hands of student assembling molecular model according to directions on laptop screen


Students prepare workshops on Physics and Responsible Consumption aimed at people with functional disabilities or at risk of social exclusion. We work with 7 different entities, the objectives of the service being different in each case.


Prácticas curriculares del Grado en Trabajo Social.

During external internships, Social Work students at the University of La Rioja make contact with social reality through the activities carried out in the different centers where they carry out their internships.

San Rafael

Product design and 3D-printing in Health Sciences: an S-L experience in Pediatric Physiotherapy

To design technological solutions in health through a collaborative and user-centred approach in order to generate social impact, thinking about the direct relationship between students and functional diversity children.

Family conference

Familly conference in Olomouc region

The goal is to support other institutions of social work to organize the family conference.


Social worker at school

To promote the profession of social workers at schools. They cooperate with one school, where they try to monitor social problems among pupils and try to identify where social workers could be helpful as school staff.

Service-Learning Program for Diversity

With my community partners, we have designed a 20-page digital Handbook for Students and Community Partners (updated each year) that provides key information on service-learning, cultural humility, and the expectations of each party during the semester.


Humanistic Leadership

Service-Learning projects within the academic approach used to raise awareness on the responsibilities future managers have to their communities.

Escola Inclusiva

IPVC- Inclusive School-Service Learning

IPVC Inclusive School project – This project aims at fostering the co-construction of in-service learning and volunteering projects to address community problems by offering alternative solutions.


Development of a communication strategy for the prayer initiative Rosary Unites

During the time of COVID-19 many christian didn’t have possibility to participate in prayers and Liturgy of the Church. So on the base of “Vibrant TV” only official media hub for Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church with is present only on internet (Живе ТВ), we create daily rosary pray.

Psychological training

Psychological Counselling ”Poradnya”

To improve the mental health of the population by providing psychological assistance to young people and adults through practical psychology and protection of spiritual, mental and social health.

Volunteering@WU - Lernen macht Schule

Volunteering@WU – Lernen macht Schule

The “Volunteering@WU – Lernen macht Schule” program initiated by WU, Caritas Wien, and REWE International AG supports socially disadvantaged young people with their education while at the same time encouraging university students to volunteer and take social responsibility.

Creating an Asset-map for Veterans of the Joint Forces Operation in Ukraine

Students develop their knowledge of organizations of the social sphere, especially working with combatants, developed skills of research and communication and found a lack of organizations providing social services

SENSE flyer

SENSE Center for Civic Engagement and Responsible Management Education

The SENSE Center enables students and civil society organizations as well as schools to jointly implement a practical project. In this way, students get to know the work in civil society and the educational system and experience what it means to take responsibility for society.

Festival EFIC

Transformative Communication and Cultural Efficacy Festival

To strengthen social awareness, ethics, and critical thinking in future media professionals through their engagement in the process of developing with a social partner an action on Communication for Social Change.

International Students Limerick Inside Out

Limerick Inside Out: Environment and Well-Being

To enhance the students’ experience of being in Ireland by working closely with local civic groups.It incorporates activities designed to foster student awareness and understanding of environmental concerns and social innovation.

Teamwork at university

Reason and Engage

Reason and Engage is an elective course for students from 3rd bachelor onwards. Students from different study programs are stimulated to reflect on urgent social challenges.

Father Heart Engaged Learning Festival

Inclusive educational event that offers an opportunity for all people to come together on an equal platform to share, learn or extend skills, knowledge, and expertise leading to sustainable livelihoods.

The Circular Economy Challenge

VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship – The Circular Economy Challenge

The VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship, together with its partners, wanted to stimulate the creativity of students, entrepreneurs, and employees to develop innovative solutions for the circular economy.

VUB Social Entrepreneurship Chair

The main objective of this chair is to bring together both academia and business, NGO’s and public organizations in search of sustainable business models of social entrepreneurship.

Loiola Law Clinic: Service-Learning for Social Justice

Law Clinic has developed a legal-administrative dimension to serve people in a position of vulnerability and exclusion. Also translating the legal-administrative language into a simple language for the average citizen.

Federación Injucam Consulting Project

Promotes social inclusion of marginalized children by developing comprehensive and stable socio-educational projects permanently adapted to emerging needs.


The NGO Rescue supports Syrian women to get a decent job in our country until the situation in their country improves and they will be able to return to their homes.

Los arrecifes de coral

The main objective of the experience the design of a project following a “food chain” structure in which every participant was able to learn something and teach to other people


University students took charge of doing an exhaustive research on mobile apps which may serve to develop and record a nature itinerary, as well as other apps aimed at plants and animals’ identification.

Amis Inserción Social Marketing

To help to know the current labour market, design the professional profile, access tools for job search, prepare individual and group job interviews, for vunerable peple.

Support in raising funds for Amis Entity

From the finance team we had an objective, to obtain financing for the entity so that they could face their expenses and their day by day.

Working in Positive

Dissemination of the Working in Positive organization and campaign to fight against labour discrimination of people with HIV. For the University to become a Working In Positive company.

Data Collection on Trafficking in Human Beings

Consulting service to provide a diagnosis about trafficking on human beings in Spain. Specifically, the diagnosis must focus on the importance on data for making political decisions.

Data Culture in Human Trafficking

To raise awareness about the significance of data culture related with human trafficking; study and understand the complexity of human trafficking data and providing a diagnosis of the human trafficking situation in Spain.

UNHCR, lost profits from red cards

Report on the loss of income by asylum seekers from red ID cards in Spain

Integrating Service-Learning and ICT to support rural female entrepreneurship

Graduate and Postgraduate courses in the field of the Business put into practice the knowledge acquired in class to advise a group of rural female entrepreneurs, using ICTs to facilitate University-Society communication

An ethical perspective of the company: Social Economy

The students collect from the companies they work with, the information to prepare a diagnosis of their economic-financial situation. Improvement of current financial plan and possible strategies for your future development.

Service-learning for democratic culture

Stemming from this service-learning has become a privileged tool not only for the acquisition of language and culture but more extensively for the development of a culture of democracy based on RFCDC.

Learning through the Assumption of Social Responsibility: Social Inequality, Poverty and Housing

Housing, as a fundamental human need, enables participation in social life, but in many major cities affordable housing is becoming an increasingly scare resource.