Territory and landscape: territorial projects.

The work of the students is based on the analysis of the territory, field work and the development of proposals to improve the quality of the landscape.

Health care

“La marxa dels tòpics” – Childhood and Health

The students participates in the development of an interactive exhibition aimed at 4th grade students from secondary son prevention of drug addiction (alcohol, tobacco and pills) and prevention of HIV and sexual health.


Students perform a social function of accompanying and providing emotional support to the elderly, facilitating a generational exchange

Healthy food

Service-Learning in nutrition: from the classroom to schools

URV students learn to transmit health advice and reflect on the need to train the population and therefore improve their quality of life in general

BioBeauty image


The metaphor of butterflies travelling in conveying beauty is the driving force of Biobeauty which aims to convey the culture of beauty, the stimulus to curiosity into constructive social interaction, concrete actions in solidarity with the local communities.

Fostering physical activity for teenage girls

Third-year bachelor’s degree students in sports management organized physical practices for schoolgirls to raise students’ awareness of this issue of girls’ sports participation.


“HOPE project – build your future: personal and professional development for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors”

Aimed at young foreigners from 14 to 18 years old designed to promote their social and cultural integration and to provide them with personal and professional tools suitable for a more effective integration into the world of work


InVuCaR – Intervene in Vulnerability to Empower in Network

To support the families of the diocese to take care of their weakest members, namely the chronically ill and the very elderly, providing or facilitating access to various types of support.

Community Nutrition Intervention Targeted at Vulnerable Children and Youth

Develop an intervention within the scope of Community Nutrition with vulnerable children and young people with a view to raising awareness about the acquisition of healthy eating habits.

Aspace Bikaia Filma


To promote the inclusion of disability in the world of artistic creation and to sensitize students about the reality of cerebral palsy

Psycologic help


SL Network that promotes Innovation and Knowledge Transfer between professors, researchers, and university students

Students running

Inclusive Education, Social Justice and Sport

Vulnerable people will be helped through inclusive and social education, fair and equal treatment and healthy and respectful habits through sport.


Connecting students with the needs of shelter animals through S-L

Several NGOs in Romania in charge with animal shelters and animal protection have communicated through social media their needs for persons to volunteer/ help them with the activities at the shelters during the pandemic periods.


Learning through the Assumption of Social Responsibility: Social Inequality, Poverty and Housing

The aim is to combine the approach of community-based research with the approach of service learning. The students worked together in three project teams and developed research and service ideas for community partners.

Service to society is a language that knows no barriers

Service-Learning at Strathmore University, Kenya

Each student at SU does 200 hours of community service after completing first year of study. There is a structured way students are supervised and how they report their reflections/learning points. Based on the need of organization or community.

Home for children and youth without parental care - a public institution

Service-Learning at “Home for children and youth without parental care”

Post COVID: Public Home for children and youth without parental care. During the last 12 months after COVID restrictions we tried to maintain the contact between the students and the children online, but this has not substituted in any way the in-person experience.


The “SApS ODS?” project for Global Justice aims to move from “Education for Global Citizenship” to a global justice paradigm that is considered more holistic, comprehensive and transformative.

Social Economy

Master Social Economics University of Antwerp ‘Social economy in the city of Antwerp’

42 master students worked alongside the employees of six Antwerp social enterprises with the particular aim to foster social inclusion and social well-being via active employment.

Ludoteca Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Development and evaluation of a Service-Learning project for vulnerable children

Study on service-learning experiences carried out at the Complutense University of Madrid. In this study it was found that the use of Service-Learning methodology was very limited


Gender and technology: promoting new technological vocations

Sharing Ideas is a Service-Learning project in which undergraduate and master’s degree students from the University of Barcelona (UB) prepare lecture-workshops on interesting topics related to their studies and teach these in high schools which the university visits.

Physiotherapy for children with rare diseases

To sensitize students to the true needs of families of children with rare diseases, beyond the necessary but insufficient focus on the child’s disease.

University College London students

Community Engaged Learning Service

A consultancy at UCL that aims to enable the development of more Community Engaged Learning opportunities into teaching. Students and community partners have been at the centre of the service, co-designing its offering, processes and resources.

Earthquake Tirana

Social Services in times of crisis

Responding to the community needs in times of the natural disaster, after the 6.4 earthquake in Albania in November 2019.Temporary accommodation, tents, social, psychological and edutainment services were offered to the affected families.

Sunda Together


To valorize the Villa Borghese park in Rome, as a meeting place for young people and a place to take care of its green spaces without their mobile phones.


Learning Service Responsibility

The project is determined by inclusion – The students get to know new fields and gain experience in areas (outside of school) with which they have not yet had any contact.

Multiracial group of young people taking selfie

Learning aids for disadvantaged children, adolescents and young refugees in Nuremberg

As a part of a practical assignment, students accompany children and adolescents as well as young refugees in Nuremberg.

Learning by educating: Service-learning experience of oral health promotion

Our service objective is to educate in oral health, motivating people with different abilities to promote autonomy in their oral hygiene habits.

Service Learning in the Initial Training of Education Professionals

Training of Education Professionals and Doctorate in Education, both include a subject with the principles of “Education for Sustainability”.

Community Service Learning in Teacher Education

All aspiring teachers fulfill community service learning during their educational bachelor program in a subject called ‘Identity In Diversity’. They follow this course during each year of the three-year program.

Proyecto Norte Joven

The students should create an idea of how to carry the message they have to their target audience and also how to make it more attractive to them.

quality seal

Standard Label Bequal

Business advise for an organisation that works crediting businesses with a quality seal that means the organization covers a series of requisites that have to do with disabled people.



Share learnings between students with different abilities by creating a climate of respect and coexistence that allows developing spaces and times of practical life knowledge.

Service-Learning in Schools with Poor Readers Primary Children

the student carries out the tasks of a teacher with a specialization in teaching and evaluating literacy in public schools with great needs for specialists in this area to attend to the diversity of children they shelter.

Effects of service-learning on migrant people and elderly in Melilla by PETE students

Learning with Older Adults through Intergenerational Service Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education

Game for the Planet

Our aim was to point out the dimension of interconnectedness and context in the given topics and to reflect on how each of us has an impact on others and also on the environment.

Learning from the Lives of Others

Learning from the Lives of Others is a first year course which requires the students to maintain a weekly commitment as a volunteer at a partner charity, and to integrate reflective learning from their experiences as part of assessment.

Huelva Educa Program

University students conducted interventions with students of Compulsory Education during a scholar course, with the aim of increasing their school performance, climate school and personal, social, school, and family adaptation.

Logo ingenieux Sud


To evolve the students’ mindset towards taking into account parameters related to sustainable development and social justice.

Learning by Doing: Consulting to Social Entrepreneurs

Students design and execute a consulting project with a non-profit organization in order to resolve one or more concrete problems.

Service-Learning for Democratic Culture

Language acquisition and led to the development of EUFICCS (European use of full-immersion: culture, content and service) that was born as a European project and subsequently adopted as a teaching methodology.

IMPULS | Facilitating Service Learning for Sustainability

Support for lecturers from all disciplines who wish to integrate sustainability topics into their courses, we want to enable our students to become change agents for sustainability.

Foto en Carifood

Strategy definition for Caritas labor insertion companies

The project consisted in developing the business strategy of 3 different labor insertion companies (Taller99, Asiscar, Carifood) belonging to the NGO Cáritas. Taller 99 is dedicated to manufacturing leather goods (bags, wallets …) and making clothes, Asiscar works in the transport sector, doing removals and transporting goods, and Carifood focuses in the catering industry.

Sociology and Service-Learning

Authentic, positive, meaningful learning moments benefiting partners and students. Addressing complex problems in complex settings rather than simplified problems in isolation.

Religion and Values in Urban Challenges and Well-being

Students can analyze the interconnections of urban contexts, social challenges and religion and values.

Support for Local Gymnasium to Ensure Effective Feedback on the Quality of Education

To design and implement a system of surveys as Feedback mechanism tools and to have a more systematic, comprehensive and reliable feedback channel to gather data from stakeholders.

Repositoy Service-learning experiences

Personal Challenge and Experience through social Engagement

Job-relevant skills such as communication skills, conflict skills and teamwork are required and trained in the engagements.

Service Learning in the Course: “Didactical Planning, Analysis, Teaching, Evaluation of Learning Situations”

The curricular learning goal is, that students learn about didactical planning instruments and theories.

Law and Voluntary Work

During the first half of the semester students have classes with relevant people related to the Social Justice field and during the second, they complete a number of hours of voluntary work within an institution.

Community Service and Community Engagement in Higher Education

To develop ways of education in which students from various disciplines by working together with community partners contribute to local social issues in neighborhoods.

Master Thesis on Vulnerable Women with Science Shop

The student developed a workshop with and for vulnerable women about sexuality.