Integrating service learning in Jordanian higher education

Mahasneh, Randa; Tawalbeh, Aisheh; Al-Smadi, Rana; Ghaith, Souad; Dajani, Rana

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49 4 415-425 DOI: 10.1080/14703297.2012.728874


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The main aim of this exploratory study is to test ‘Service Learning’ as a teaching and learning strategy in Jordanian universities by integrating service learning into a counselling course at the Hashemite University. After providing a 12-h service at 10 service locations, a 16-item questionnaire was administered to 60 senior counselling students to assess their perceptions about the service experience. Administrators of the service locations also completed a questionnaire about their level of satisfaction regarding the service provided. Qualitative data were also collected from groups’ portfolios, and reflection papers based on students involvement in service learning. The findings of the study revealed that service learning promotes students’ learning of the course content, students’ sense of connection to their classmates and university, their sense of social responsibility and professional development. Administrators were satisfied with the service and looked forward to future cooperation with the university.


service learning; community service; counselling children and adolescents; play therapy; Jordanian higher education

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