Service-learning institutionalisation processes in European higher education

Dear service-learning provider,

Higher education institutions are at different stages in the process of institutionalisation of service-learning, ranging from a minority of institutions with service-learning units to a majority having no supportive infrastructure. The assessment of the level of evidence of institutionalisation of service-learning will provide information that will contribute to moving towards a more integral, enduring, and meaningful community engagement. For this purpose, we intend to collect information about your institution from academic and governance points of view.

Therefore, if you are a teacher/service-learning practitioner, we would appreciate if besides completing the survey you could ask an academic authority (Dean of a Faculty/School, Director of Department, etc., Director of a course) to complete their own survey. If you are an academic authority, please ask a service-learning practitioner to complete their own survey.

If you respond to this survey as a teacher, please provide information about the level of evidence you have been noticing in your daily work in terms of institutionalisation of service-learning in your institution, and not only about your own experience as a teacher. If you respond to this survey as an academic authority, please provide as much evidence as possible.

We ask you to collaborate voluntarily, carefully reading the sentences.

The treatment of the data will maintain the anonymity of the respondents. All the information obtained will be used exclusively to achieve the objectives of the research project, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality of the data and the names of the institutions involved. All data is stored in a password-protected electronic format.

Thank you in advance,


April 2021