Territory and landscape: territorial projects.

The work of the students is based on the analysis of the territory, field work and the development of proposals to improve the quality of the landscape.

Health care

“La marxa dels tòpics” – Childhood and Health

The students participates in the development of an interactive exhibition aimed at 4th grade students from secondary son prevention of drug addiction (alcohol, tobacco and pills) and prevention of HIV and sexual health.


Students perform a social function of accompanying and providing emotional support to the elderly, facilitating a generational exchange

Healthy food

Service-Learning in nutrition: from the classroom to schools

URV students learn to transmit health advice and reflect on the need to train the population and therefore improve their quality of life in general

image of young people saving the planet

Environmental Law Clinic

The Environmental Law Clinic implement international service-learning projects through its Clinical Legal Education, a global movement for social justice that involves students and teachers from all over the world.

Empower to Protect

This project, in addition to developing skills in students, aims to promote health literature in the community.

BioBeauty image


The metaphor of butterflies travelling in conveying beauty is the driving force of Biobeauty which aims to convey the culture of beauty, the stimulus to curiosity into constructive social interaction, concrete actions in solidarity with the local communities.

student with special needs

SL and Psychology of Disability: a link experienced with the Third Sector in Extremadura from the University

We are professionals in the Psychology of Disability and that commitment must be a constant ethics in any professional and personal path from the very beginning of university training in the Degree of Psychology.

Fostering physical activity for teenage girls

Third-year bachelor’s degree students in sports management organized physical practices for schoolgirls to raise students’ awareness of this issue of girls’ sports participation.

Learn to learn with homework

Reflection on how girls and boys who start in the classroom learn more.

Senior couple enjoying the lake


The student in charge, will develop a summary of the Final Degree works, which have addressed the theme of the lifestyle, activities and public space of seniors in the city of Madrid.

Plataforma per la LLengua

S-L Experience with Plataforma per la Llengua (Balearic Islands)

Plataforma per la Llengua (Pro-language Platform), the Catalan language NGO, is a well-established organisation in the Catalan-speaking territory that works to promote the Catalan language as a social cohesion tool

New forms of senior living in Madrid Healthy neighbourhoods

New forms of senior living in Madrid

New forms of living arrangements for the elderly in Madrid city from the renovation and design of public space

The service-learning experience in the bioclimatic design of public spaces in Madrid

Students achieve a first professional approach to urban planning, while interacting with the different agents involved in a townin all phases of the project.

Elderly people dancing

Friendly senior living in cities, Madrid case study

We have worked with a focus on the elderly to think about new forms of social and care community life as weel as to design safe and atractive urban itineraries.

Volunteers helpin elderly people

Service-Learning and Social Interventions – engaging in meaningful activities with senior residents

Due to COVID-19 senior residents of nursing homes in Croatia were isolated for months and were lacking diverse activities and social interaction with people outside the nursing homes.

Aspace Bikaia Filma


To promote the inclusion of disability in the world of artistic creation and to sensitize students about the reality of cerebral palsy

Psycologic help


SL Network that promotes Innovation and Knowledge Transfer between professors, researchers, and university students

Educating for sustainable development goals

to raise awareness among young adolescents and university students about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Hands of student assembling molecular model according to directions on laptop screen


Students prepare workshops on Physics and Responsible Consumption aimed at people with functional disabilities or at risk of social exclusion. We work with 7 different entities, the objectives of the service being different in each case.


Prácticas curriculares del Grado en Trabajo Social.

During external internships, Social Work students at the University of La Rioja make contact with social reality through the activities carried out in the different centers where they carry out their internships.

San Rafael

Product design and 3D-printing in Health Sciences: an S-L experience in Pediatric Physiotherapy

To design technological solutions in health through a collaborative and user-centred approach in order to generate social impact, thinking about the direct relationship between students and functional diversity children.

Family conference

Familly conference in Olomouc region

The goal is to support other institutions of social work to organize the family conference.


Social worker at school

To promote the profession of social workers at schools. They cooperate with one school, where they try to monitor social problems among pupils and try to identify where social workers could be helpful as school staff.

Photo fo volunteers

Volunteering Centre at UPOL University

They are helping with managing volunteering organization, connecting them with students and university saff, creating inner documentation for propagation, inner management

Italy-U.S. Mediated Exchange Project

This S-L experience is a hybrid example, joining international, domestic and virtual service-learning.

Solidarity Classes

Solidarity Classes

“The idea is that with very little we can do a lot”.
Solidarity classes consider that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Gli-Stagisti Logo

“Gli Stagisti”: an e-Service-Learning project

Instagram page called “Gli Stagisti”, in order to help young people to better orient themselves and take advantage of all the opportunities available in the job market

Ears to the Soul Logo

Ears to the Soul

The service aim of this programme was to help people overcome the feeling of social isolation, maintain social contacts with other people and share their feelings.


Self-Identity & Intercultural/intergenerational Learning

As loneliness amongst student populations and older adults is well-documented, this module aims to address this issue, by bringing the groups together in a structured, academic and yet informal, way.


Humanistic Leadership

Service-Learning projects within the academic approach used to raise awareness on the responsibilities future managers have to their communities.

Students running

Inclusive Education, Social Justice and Sport

Vulnerable people will be helped through inclusive and social education, fair and equal treatment and healthy and respectful habits through sport.


Practical Research with cooperating Schools – Service Learning in a Viennese school

To try out and get to know many new tools and methods under the special conditions of “involuntary” and distance teaching without exception in all subjects.

Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning

Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning

The interdisciplinary and international service-learning experience include 25 students from 10 countries, 6 Universities and 13 different Master programs.

Cultural Diversity

Proxecto PEINAS (Pedagoxía Intercultural e Aprendizaxe-Servizo)

Students of the university course “Intercultural Pedagogy” manage chanels of different social media where they share news, reflections and facts concerning to interculturality, prompting also the audience to come.


Connecting students with the needs of shelter animals through S-L

Several NGOs in Romania in charge with animal shelters and animal protection have communicated through social media their needs for persons to volunteer/ help them with the activities at the shelters during the pandemic periods.

University Complutense of Madrid

Learning by educating: Virtual service-learning experience of oral health promotion

The project aims to promote oral health in people with disabilities. The methodology combines service learning with inter-professional education, through the collaborative work of dentistry students.

Psychological training

Psychological Counselling ”Poradnya”

To improve the mental health of the population by providing psychological assistance to young people and adults through practical psychology and protection of spiritual, mental and social health.


Learning through the Assumption of Social Responsibility: Social Inequality, Poverty and Housing

The aim is to combine the approach of community-based research with the approach of service learning. The students worked together in three project teams and developed research and service ideas for community partners.

Criminology in the Real World

One of our projects entails working with the local probation service to research how online support and supervision can be provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.

e-MAD Logp

E-MAD: Improving Digital Literacy through Learning-Service and E-Mentoring

Training proposal funded by Medialab, at the University of Granada, whose intention is to improve the use of technologies and digital media to promote the development of digital skills that assist in the search for employment and incorporation into the knowledge society of those citizens who are at social risk.

Volunteering@WU - Lernen macht Schule

Volunteering@WU – Lernen macht Schule

The “Volunteering@WU – Lernen macht Schule” program initiated by WU, Caritas Wien, and REWE International AG supports socially disadvantaged young people with their education while at the same time encouraging university students to volunteer and take social responsibility.

Creating an Asset-map for Veterans of the Joint Forces Operation in Ukraine

Students develop their knowledge of organizations of the social sphere, especially working with combatants, developed skills of research and communication and found a lack of organizations providing social services


Educating with You (EducamosContigo)

Post COVID: EducamosContigo is an interuniversity and inter-optional Learning-Service program that offers psychoeducational, school and digital literacy accompaniment online to families and students in situations of educational and social vulnerability at all pre-university educational levels.

Journalism and Citizenship: a Practical Introduction

Post COVID: “Journalism and Citizenship, a Practical Introduction” wants students to reflect on the importance of (hyper)local journalism for the local (Brussels) community.

Home for children and youth without parental care - a public institution

Service-Learning at “Home for children and youth without parental care”

Post COVID: Public Home for children and youth without parental care. During the last 12 months after COVID restrictions we tried to maintain the contact between the students and the children online, but this has not substituted in any way the in-person experience.


The “SApS ODS?” project for Global Justice aims to move from “Education for Global Citizenship” to a global justice paradigm that is considered more holistic, comprehensive and transformative.

Social Economy

Master Social Economics University of Antwerp ‘Social economy in the city of Antwerp’

42 master students worked alongside the employees of six Antwerp social enterprises with the particular aim to foster social inclusion and social well-being via active employment.