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In order to evolve the students’ mindset towards taking into account parameters related to sustainable development and social justice, the Science and Technology Sector (SST) of UCLouvain and Louvain Coopération set up the course IngénieuxSud. This course is intended for Belgian and Southern students being part of a Bachelor or Master program at the university. At UCLouvain, the four SST faculties and schools are concerned, it means polytechnician engineers, bio-engineers, architects, and students from the Faculty of Sciences, as well as students enrolled in the CPME program (Interdisciplinary Training in Business Creation) and the minor of the Master in Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as students of the minor in Sustainable Development.

During one full academic year, UCLouvain students, in collaboration with students from universities in Southern countries, are looking for appropriate and sustainable technological solutions to the problems identified by local communities. Students adopt a holistic approach throughout the project. They realize the impact of the technology on the way of living and the organization of the society. Students communicate with each other remotely from November to June. They are supervised by scientists from UCLouvain and universities in the South as well as by professionals in the field. This year of reflection and production of ideas ends with a one-month internship in the field for Belgian and local students to implement their solution with the populations. On their return to their universities, students share their experiences with other students and scientists in the context of courses or out-of-school activities.

Country: Belgium


Institution: Université catholique de Louvain

Person in charge: Jean-Pierre Raskin

Email: jean-pierre.raskin@uclouvain.be

# of students: 120

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face-to face

Academic Degree: Undergraduate | Master

Discipline(s): Engineering and technology | Earth sciences | Business

Community Service Area & ODS: Clear water and sanitation | Affordable and clean energy | Decent work and economic growth