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Interdepartmental Project on Service-Learning Methodology (S-L) in vulnerable contexts in the Autonomous City of Melilla: Inclusive Education, Social Justice and Sport (2nd EDITION)

COVID-19 needs to be addressed

The reality of migration, due to various causes, is a highly topical issue in Europe and, therefore, also in Spain and Melilla. In the last five years, southern Europe has become a receptive area for migrants from different areas of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The profile of people arriving is very diverse in terms of ethnicity, culture, religion and social groups. Among these groups of people arriving in the city of Melilla, there are also unaccompanied foreign minors or young people, as well as broken families. Many of them are also refugees fleeing political repression, sexual conditions, wars, poverty and who do not have a responsible person, guardian or family member nearby to take care of them or guide them in their daily lives.

In this contextual framework, the dynamisation and treatment of problems by the university community, especially the students, can be of great help. Various contents that are included in the subjects of different departments on the Melilla campus (UGR) can be worked with these groups such as physical exercise through games, group dynamics through different educational methodologies, assessment and treatment of needs through an effective diagnosis, education for equality and peace, respect and social justice towards the needy, work with the elderly, psychological help, nutritional advice, adoption of healthy habits or knowledge and management of the family economy. All of this will benefit the integral development of vulnerable groups and, of course, the integration of this group with Melilla’s society so that their future is as good as possible and has a positive impact on our society.

Country: Spain

Year: 2019-2020

Institution: Faculty of Education and Sport Sciecnes. University of Granada,

# of students: 30

Person in charge: Pedro Jesús Ruiz-Montero

Email: pedrorumo@ugr.es

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face-to-face

Academic Degree: Undergraduate

Discipline(s): Physical Education and Sport | Education

Community Service Area & ODS: Cultural diversity | Good health and well-being | Reducing inequalities

Brief description

The implementation of this project is a clear example of the need to continue collaborating with the problems and needs of special contexts and vulnerable populations in the Autonomous City of Melilla. The students of the Melilla Campus will have the opportunity to continue to experience work that is close to future professional work but in unusual situations and contexts. At the same time, vulnerable people will be helped through inclusive and social education, fair and equal treatment and healthy and respectful habits through sport. A total of 21 members between lecturer (eight departments) and undergraduate make up this multidisciplinary project.

The students involved will carry out an intervention of two hours a week for eight weeks (these hours can be counted as part of the weekly hours of each subject), carrying out activities and actions coordinated by the teacher of the subject involved in this project. Therefore, a total of 16 hours of S-L intervention will be carried out over two months in each term of both the 2020/21 and 2021/22 academic years.

It is absolutely necessary to take into account the current COVID-19 situation. Therefore, as a major novelty of this project, it is intended to follow the students through a website created specifically so that the S-L intervention is as personalised as possible and in an online format.

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