Guide 1 | Service-learning and Reflective Practice at University

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The Service-Learning Network of Catalan Universities —Xarxa ApS (U) CAT

Every time there are more initiatives, projects and dynamics that open the doors of the classrooms to society to respond to the social reality of their environment. In this sense, service-learning makes it possible to acquire key knowledge and skills through this reality and to live a real experience of social participation.

The Service-Learning Network of Catalan Universities (Xarxa d’Aprenentatge Servei de les Universitats Catalanes) aims to exchange experiences and build knowledge regarding the promotion, implementation, evaluation, and institutionalization of service-learning in the context of Catalan universities.

In 2018, a collaboration framework was established with the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP), which supports the visibility and consolidation of the Network. ACUP considers this to be a strategic line towards which the university must advance and in the one that wants to contribute in an active way.

This document is part of a collection of guides that delve into service-learning in different areas and university contexts. The purpose of the guides is to build and disseminate knowledge about this methodology in the university. The Guides are available in Spanish and Catalan Languages.

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In order to adequately define what we mean when we talk about service-learning, as well as to ensure the quality of the projects that are recognized by this name, some questions should be asked, actions have to be developed and evaluation implanted, which are the ones that give content to this guide.

Guide 1 | Service-learning and Reflective

The very nature of service-learning, as a common project of social entities and the university, becomes a training strategy and one of linking with responsibility in university training and, in this context, reflective practice contributes to the training of ethically and socially committed professionals.