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Federación Injucam Consulting Project

For this project, we partnered with an organization called Federación INJUCAM. This federation consists of 15 non-profit and associative entities that work together for the development and promotion of children and youth in neighborhoods with significant social difficulties in the Community of Madrid.

INJUCAM promotes the social inclusion of marginalized children by developing comprehensive and stable socio-educational projects permanently adapted to emerging needs. The companies that INJUCAM chooses as partners must have a focus on corporate social responsibility to carry out these projects. These entities are crucial since they are part of where the company generates its financing.

Throughout this semester, our team has worked on potential improvements to INJUCAM’s social media and web presence. We hope that these changes can help bring awareness to Federación INJUCAM by reaching a wider audience and attract more potential sponsors and partners that are in agreement with their values.

We provided possible templates and posts for the following platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Mailchimp. Through Twitter, we wanted to show the impact of INJUCAM and engage their following with posts about their events and participation in the Community of Madrid. Our goal for their Facebook page was to promote their events since Facebook has helpful features for planning and advertising events. Instagram is an image-based social media platform, so we thought that INJUCAM should focus on sharing impactful images of their projects and the children they serve. Since INJUCAM does not currently have a LinkedIn page, we provided some examples and explanations about how LinkedIn is the most formal and professional way to connect with companies online. Finally, we provided examples of potential communications and newsletters using Gmail and Mailchimp to better communicate within their network.

Throughout the course, we also created possible events to better connect with the people and businesses in the Community of Madrid, such as community cooking and origami classes. Meeting with Carmela and working on this project for Federación INJUCAM has taught us about how non-profits work in the community and what businesses can do to support them. We feel lucky to have worked with an organization that seeks to empower marginalized youth in Madrid, especially during this global crisis. Hopefully, Federación INJUCAM can use the tools we provided it to finance their projects and continue their important work.

Country: Spain

Year: 2019-2020

Institution: Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

# of students: 4

Interaction with beneficiaries: Mixed

Academic Degree: Undergraduate

Discipline(s): Business

Community Service Area & ODS: Reducing inequalities | Partnership for the goals | Good health and well-being

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