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ENGAGE STUDENTS – Promoting Social Responsibility of Students by Embedding Service Learning into Education Curricula

The ENGAGE STUDENTS project is an ERASMUS+ funded project focusing on social responsibility of higher education institutions at students and teachers level.

The project general objective is to empower the social dimension of higher education by increasing its relevance for society through embedding service-learning as a common pedagogical approach within education and research practice while the project specific objectives are as follows:

  • to explore the existing methodology of service-learning and other forms of community-related learning and research
  • to develop a methodological toolkit and a pedagogical workbook to be used by teachers
  • to build the critical mass of knowledge and resources in partner HEIs in order to foster the use of service learning and other community-related learning methodologies.engagestudents..eu website

Country: Romania

Year: 2018 – 2021

Institution: University Politehnica of Bucharest

Person in charge: Gabriel Dima

Email: gabriel.dima@reu.pub.ro

# of students: N/A

Interaction with beneficiaries: N/A

Academic Degree: N/A

Discipline(s): N/A

Community Service Area & ODS: N/A

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