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Effects of service-learning on migrant people and elderly in Melilla by PETE students

The aim of the service-learning (SL) experience is to analyse the effects of a Service-Learning program on the prosocial behaviour and perceptions of Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) students. The receptor group are

a) elderly people and

b) foreign unaccompanied minors in Melilla, a Spanish city at north of Morocco. Topic of courses are dance, games and physical fitness.

Further information: Article Learning with Older Adults through Intergenerational Service Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education

Country: Spain

Year: 2019

Institution: Faculty of Education and Sport Science. University of Granada

Contact perosn: Pedro Jesús Ruiz-Montero

Email: pedrorumo@ugr.es

# of students: 40

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face-to-face

Academic Degree: Undergraduated | Master

Discipline(s): Physical Education and Sport | Education

Community Service Area & ODS: Cultural diversity | Reducing inequalities | Good health and well-being

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