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Educating for sustainable development goals

The project “Educating for Sustainable Development Goals” has as its main objective to raise awareness among young adolescents and university students about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), thus contributing to the formation of socially responsible citizens who can take the SDGs into their day-to-day future professions, thus contributing to the construction of a better, more sustainable world.

This project will be implemented with 15 students from the Catholic University of Portugal – Regional Center of Porto, from different undergraduate or master’s degrees from different academic units, during the course of an extra-curricular pilot project.

With the creation of CASUS (Catholic for Sustainability) and the challenge launched by Pope Francis in “Laudato Si’, raising awareness for the fulfillment of the SDGs targets became imperative in the formation of young people. To this end, the students participating in the project will be trained on the SDGs and on the dynamization of training sessions, which will aim to put students to share knowledge and expertise with other colleagues from the university, high schools and international universities, thus raising awareness on this topic. Through the use of questionnaires before and after the formative moments, the objective is to elucidate the participants on the subject.

There will be a total of 15 training sessions, which will take place with the project’s partners:

  • Portuguese Catholic University (UCP);
  • Secondary schools where the students participating in the experience have studied;
  • Catholic University of Angola (UCAN) ;
  • Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP).

A program lasting one semester (March to June 2021) with a total of 44 hours, divided as follows:
a) 15 hours of classroom work
b) 23 hours of autonomous work
c) 6 hours of contact with the community.

It is expected that by the end of the project, participating students will have developed personal and systemic soft skills, in addition to a broad knowledge of the SDGs theme, so that they can put it into practice as future professionals. In addition, since this is a pilot project, another of the objectives is that the students’ experience will result in a dissemination video to attract more students in the coming years.

Country: Portugal

Year: 2020-2021

Institution: Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Person in charge: Maria do Carmo Themudo


# of students: 15

Interaction with beneficiaries: Virtual

Academic Degree: Undergraduate | Master

Discipline(s): Education

Community Service Area & ODS: Quality education | Partnership fo the goals | Peace, justice and strong institutions

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