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Early Stimulation of Developmental Capacities if Children without Parental Care Aged 0 to 7

We train students to provide activities for enhancement of physical, motor, cognitive, social, emotional and language capacities in children aged 0 to 7 based at a home for children without parental care.

The activities are primarily play-based and implemented through:

a) carefully planned Guides for individual developmental programs,

b) attachment-based stimulation of continuous warm relationship with a ratio of one adult to one, or maximally two children.

Based on the children’s age and daily routine we deliver 3 hours per week of intensive work with each child, with a ratio of one adult to one children as frequently as possible.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Year: 2018-2019

Institution: University of Banja Luka

Person in charge: Slavica Tutnjevic

# of students: 15

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face to face

Academic Degree: Undergraduate | Master

Discipline(s): Psychology | Education

Community Service Area & ODS: Quality education | Good health and well-being | Reducing inequalities