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Development of a communication strategy for the prayer initiative Rosary Unites (Вервиця єднає)

COVID-19 needs to be addressed

During the time of COVID-19 many christian didn’t have possibility to participate in prayers and Liturgy of the Church. Especially this problem lean on Greek-Catholics who don’t have developed info structure which can provide high quality media spiritual products for Ukrainian native speakers. So on the base of “Vibrant TV” only official media hub for Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church with is present only on internet (Живе ТВ), we create daily rosary pray

Country: Ukraine

Year: 2020-2021

Institution: Ukrainian Catholic University

# of students: 13

Person in charge: Andrii SHESTAK

Interaction with beneficiaries: Mixed

Academic Degree: Master

Discipline(s): Theology| Education

Community Service Area & ODS:

Brief description

Students of Ukrainian Catholic University were concentrated on the development of communication strategy and inventing the new elements of the daily program on “Rosary Unites”. As an official partner we had Patriarchal Curia of Ukrainian Catholic Church, the collaboration was developed during the course “Church and Social Communications”, on the master’s program “Media Communications”. So the theoretical skills of strategic media planning were transform into the concrete practice of developing a long-term strategy for religious communities.
In general, it need to be add that the subject of the course in general are the types and methods of institutional communication used by the largest Christian Churches and non-profit organisations both in Ukraine and in the world. Since the subject is designed for modern media people who will work in any institution (corporation), where cooperation with religious organizations and NGOs is key to building a successful communication strategy.

Following the course, students must know:
• situation of the Ukrainian religious environment,
• understand the issues of building cooperation and communication with any religious community and non-profit organization,
• features of dissemination of information in social networks, which is based on moral and ethical principles
• understand the content formats for the web and social networks of the above organizations
• main steps in case of crisis communications of religious (non-profit) organizations.

be able to:
• analyze content related to moral and ethical issues
• acquire skills in organizing events, press conferences, forums and fundraising campaigns
• work with social networks and the web on relevant topics
• manage crisis communication of religious (non-profit) organizations.

All knowledge and skills that students have acquired during the course, as well as related courses “Marketing”, “Crisis Communications”, “Data Visualization”, “Media Economics” must cooperate organically to perform this task.

Need and Added value of the collaboration on the model S-L:
– Spiritual support for old people
– Practice of common good in the light of S-L
– Possible development of fundraising strategy through the online platform for the Church
– NGO communication
– Cooperation with the UGCC

At the end of collaboration we had more than 3 million viewers and more then 23 thousand daily.
You can find the video material with hashtags #вервиця #Живе_телебачення

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