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Creating an Asset-map for Veterans of the Joint Forces Operation in Ukraine

Context: More than 13,000 Ukrainian citizens, mostly combatants, have died in the Russian-Ukrainian war (from 2014). Approximately 370 thousand men and women have received the status of participants in hostilities, 24,000 of them live in the Lviv region, where the university is located. Hundreds of NGO and volunteering organizations have been established in Ukraine to help the army, the wounded people, and families of combatants, but there is a lack of data about their functioning, systemic updates on it, and thus less effective interaction with the audience in need. The program increased even more in pandemic times.

The goal of the SL project: to establish a network of contacts of these institutions and create an accessible platform for finding up-to-date information, e.g. the nearest existing organizations providing specific services to veterans and their families.

Participants: Teachers and 2nd year students of the Social Work Bachelor’s program, during the academic course “Fundamentals of social and legal protection” and an internship in an organization that provides services to combatants (in spring semester 2019/2020).

The partner organization: local NGO that provides service to war combatants and members of their families.

Learning objectives: Students develop their knowledge of organizations of the social sphere, especially working with combatants, developed skills of research and communication and found a lack of organizations providing social services.

Service objectives: Combatants receive a useful map with all active organizations in the field of supporting combatants and their families

Reflection: There were group reflection sessions at every stage and self-reflection at the end of the project.

Results: The asset-map (1), which includes 80 active organizations for combatants and their families is freely available on the site of the UCU Social Work Program. The data table (2) with verified information about the organizations, the geographical location, and a list of provided services.

Extra result: Students discovered the new professional direction for future work and research. Two students pick military social work as a topic for their research papers in a new academic year.

Country: Ukaraine

Year: 2019-2020

Institution: Ukrainian Catholic University

Person in charge: Yuliia Kokoiachuk

Email: kokoiachuk@ucu.edu.ua

# of students: 20

Interaction with beneficiaries: Mixed

Academic Degree: Undergraduate

Discipline(s): Fundamentals of social and legal protection | Social Work | Communications

Community Service Area & ODS: Quality education | Peace, justice and strong institutions | Partnership for the goals

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