Considering college? Adolescents with autism and learning disorders participate in an on-campus service-learning program.

Gardner, Jennifer; Mulry, Claire M; Chalik, Sandee

Occupational therapy in health care

Volume Issue Pages DOI / ISBN / ISSN
26 4 257-69 DOI: 10.3109/07380577.2012.720052


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English Other


This paper presents an example of successful collaboration between an entry-level occupational therapy program and school-based setting that resulted in innovative programming for high school students living with autism and learning disorders. The two-day programming provided opportunity for high school students (n = 30) to practice a variety of life skills on the university campus as a way to support transition to secondary education and learning in the natural environment. Occupational therapy master’s students developed and implemented the programming as a service-learning experience. Key factors for successful collaboration and outcomes, as well as considerations for future programming and research, are outlined.


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