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Service learning is a pedagogical proposal that combines Service (citizenship, solidarity actions and volunteering for the community) and Learning (the acquisition of professional, methodological, social and above all didactic skills), so that students can develop their knowledge and skills through a solidarity service to the community.
They are protagonists and integrate learning and service, internalize important values (justice, legality, equality, respect and care for the environment).

In this context the Biobeauty, a laboratory of Idea was born with a collaboration between the Federico II degree course in Biology of Naples, the North Area Theater of Piscinola, and a local association, the ODV Noi & Piscinola.

Students have been involved in the Implementation of a Biodiversity project called “the Butterfly Corridor” carried out in the TAN gardens by the Legambiente “La GRU” Circle. This corridor goes beyond the gardens and crosses the neighborhoods through a “corridor ” of flower beds, public gardens, green areas of schools, private parks and balconies of private citizens, in which arboreal essences particularly greedy for butterflies, bees and other insects have been planted.

On 22 January 2020, to strengthen its presence in the area, the BIO-Beauty LABORATORY joins and becomes part of the PANGEA Network, a network of individual citizens, public institutions and association, a plurality of subjects engaged in education and training courses in the care of common goods and nonviolence, which has as its referent the local Legambiente “La Gru” association.

The metaphor of butterflies traveling in conveying beauty is the driving force of Biobeauty which aims to convey the culture of beauty, the stimulus to curiosity into constructive social interaction, concrete actions in solidarity with the local communities. Students will acquire skills and competences linking disciplinary learning to key or citizenship competences and will Internalize values as justice, legality, equality, respect and care for the environment.

The TAN Theatre is an ideal place for the contamination of arts with science; through the Creation of periodic scientific dissemination events as the Concerto per NAnA (October 2019) BIObeauty is doing “experiment” of scientific dissemination that give opportunity to students to be involved in events that mix and veicolate Science through arts.

Not far from the Theater, a cooperative, Man and Wood, with the 3D printing laboratory, the Scamplab 3D also was involved in Biobeauty. Two workshop (2019-2021) were co-organized for students: “Biology in 3D”, innovative teaching experiments that has allowed teachers and students to interact, to work in groups and to empathize with reality of excellence in a territory that too often is named only to describe social degradation, while they are lively and very creative neighborhood.

BIObeauty Coordinators:
Prof Barbara Majello For Department of Biology (DIB)
Dott Umberto Laperuta for DIB and “Noi e Piscinola” Association
Lello Serao For Teatro Area Nord TAN
Aldo Bifulco for Legambiente “La Gru” and TAN
Mentor for Building Beauty: Prof Edoardo Boncinelli and Wolfgang Stark

Video realized with students and Biobeauty and Bioprinting workshops:

Country: Italy

Year: 2021-2022

Institution: University of Naples Federico II

# of students: 30

Interaction with beneficiaries: Face-to-face

Academic Degree: Undergradute

Discipline(s):Biology | Sociology |Open to different disciplines

Community Service Area & ODS: Good health and well-being | Sustainable cities and communities | Partnership for the goals

BIObeauty links: Look at more information on The BIObeauty laboratory of ideas on the innovative teaching section of Biology department’s website and on Barbara Majello.

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