2019 Annual Report of EOSLHE

Annual Report 2019

State of the Art of Service-Learning in European Higher Education

As the past decade comes to an end Service-Learning continues to spread throughout institutes of Higher Learning across Europe. The strength of this methodology, based on experiential education and an interest in working with communities and organizations in need, lies in its potential to create a transformative social movement.

The European Observatory of Service-Learning in Higher Education (EOSLHE) shares this commitment with civic minded universities. Here lies the theme of this report, which combines the efforts of the Executive Team of EOSLHE and the generous contributions of 28 experts in the field of Service-Learning from 16 countries.

This endless work has paid off. Since January 2019, when it was created, the Observatory has conducted multiple activities related to the dissemination, research, promotion of networking, and mapping of Service-Learning. One example of this work is seen in the thirty-seven Service-Learning experiences from sixteen countries that the Observatory has recorded in five months.

We are now proud to present the first Annual Report of EOSLHE. It is a record of a year well spent, as we look ahead to securing a strong and vibrant future for Service-Learning in European Higher Education in 2020 and beyond.

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