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Guide on Activation for the Employment of Women with Disability.

The Spanish Committee for Disabled People works to achieve the full participation of women with disabilities in the workplace. As a preliminary step it becomes necessary to “empower “women themselves in order to achieve their activation not only in their economic dimension, but social and political. They asked our business Students to:

1. Achieve an understanding of the real situation of women with disabilities in the labour market.

2. Analyse public policies in Spain to promote the employment of women with disabilities within the framework of EU.

3. Develop a practical theoretical guide to the activation of women with disabilities in the labour market.

Country: Spain

Year: 2018-2019

Institution: Comillas Pontificial University

Person in charge: Carlos Ballesteros


# of students: 5

Interaction with beneficiaries: Mixed

Academic Degree: Undergraduated

Discipline(s): Business

Community Service Area & ODS: Gender equality | Reducing inequalities |Decent work and economic growth